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In the middle of the night, cheap gucci slides womens in the toilet of the store, I found a stranger who thought it was a non-theft thief. It was a normal cognition and reaction. The shopkeeper fights strangers, replica gucci slides is justifiable defense, protects his family and property security, so unless it is directly deliberately causing death (such as after the uniform or uniform in the uniform to kill others), otherwise indirect intention (letting the uniform action possible The consequences of death) or negligent death (for negligence or self-confidence) should not be legally responsible. In other words, gucci sandals replica this kind of legitimate defense is not excessive and there is no defense.

In the case of this case, in the fight, fake gucci flip flops people can die, subjective should be indirect intention. When the procuratorate sued, gucci slides replica it had taken into account the defense plot, so it was downgraded to the allegation of negligent death. However, gucci slides replica such a moderate prosecution is still not in line with common sense and is contrary to jurisprudence. It is better to completely correct the situation and not prosecute as a legitimate defense.

As a victim’s family, it may be felt that even a thief should be punished according to law and should not be killed in the process of arrest. This kind of mood can be understood. However, the position of the law is fair, replica gucci sandals especially those who exercise proper defense at that time. It is impossible to think that the other party is a patient, nor can it be said that the other party is asked if there is any disease and then subdued. Therefore, the judiciary must conform to common sense.